A beautiful sunset, flowers & some more backyard visitors

I did some backyard bird watching again this afternoon to get my mind of the fact that I spent half of my day on the phone with my internet service provider without anything to show for it!

Grey Go-aways or loeries were the only ones that sat still long enough for me to take photos of them. I saw a tiny iridescent bird that looked like a kind of sunbird, hopefully I’ll be able to get a photo soon! I found the green wood hoopoes again on the old water tank that is in my backyard, as well as what I suspect is the mousebirds’ nest but I couldn’t get a nice photo in the shadows.

I am not sure what all of the flowers are. Don’t know how birders’ necks aren’t permanently crooked!

Unknown flower
Grey Go-Away bird
A beautiful sunset
Pink Bouganvillea
Green Wood Hoopoes
Unknown flower
Trumpet vine

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